Our trip to England

Becky and I just returned from an amazing trip over to England to visit my brother George, his wife Mellie and their daughter, Olivia. He is over there for a sabbatical from Va. Tech. We left Columbia on Nov. 12 and flew to London then on to Manchester to meet them. Our first stop was a B&B in Wales. We then worked our way to Liverpool and saw John Lennon's childhood home and Paul McCartney's as well. I was standing in the room where they wrote their first big hits. These songs got me interested in music. We also visited Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and the Cavern Club. WE went back to the Cavern Club for a show later that night.

Then we headed over to the Oxford area and heard their orchestra play Beethoven's 9th symphony two nights later. We also visited the town of Witney and I had a chance to do my song,  A LONG GOODBYE for the folks. Then George and I did a few more tunes. Thanks to Henry Wo for letting us use his guitar!!

Finally, Becky and I headed to London on Friday and walked and tubed all over the place. We had a chance to hear the choir at Westminster Abbey for their Evensong service. That's the best choral group I've ever heard, especially as their voices reverberated through out the cathedral.

Thanks again George Mellie and Olivia!! We had a BLAST 

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