My 2nd CD is now available!!!!

Hey everybody!! 

I 'm excited to announce the release of my 2nd CD, "A FEW CONFESSIONS".

It contains eleven brand new songs that I hope you'll enjoy. It was recorded right here at Sillyacres Music studio and I played and sang all the parts. I did have some very special help on two of the songs, BAR BQ FOOL and HE BLAMES IT ON THE BEATLES. My brother George came down from Virginia and added some very nice lead guitar parts to those songs. A BIG THANK YOU!!! to George!! My wife Becky did the photography. Disc Makers in New Jersey, produced the CD. The Design Dept. did the album concept art design. The Sound Lab at Disc Makers did the re-mastering. 

CD Baby (CD again is handling the distribution for this CD. That means it's available as a physical CD or a download from them. Also it is available at places like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more download music sites. Becky, as of this writing, has it at Brookers in Denmark,SC, Evelyn's Gift Shop in Barnwell, SC and The Cafe in Springfield, SC.

Special thanks to Jeff Diebel, Bob Smoak, and the gang at radio station WBSC 102.3 FM in Bamberg, SC for playing cuts from this CD. Their support for my music means a lot.

Here's a list and a little back round info. on the songs:

1. I AIN'T LYING THIS TIME- I got this title idea from a commercial I use to hear on a local radio station. I thought it was catchy, so I wrote a song around it.

2. PLAYIN' WITH A PHONE- That's what we ALL do these days. I just thought I'd comment on it.

3. NEXT TIME THE NEXT LOVE COMES AROUND- This is an old tune I've had for a long time, so I thought I'd give it another chance. It was originally called, THE NEXT TIME THE NEXT TIME COMES AROUND. Nashville thought that was somewhat vague, I agreed so this is what I came up with. It's about hoping for a second chance.

4. MY CARMALINA- This is another old tune of mine. I changed the groove and wrote a story to match the New Orleans feel.

5. BAR BQ FOOL- I have been wanting to write a tune using Bar BQ as a subject, so here it is! George is playing the guitar lead on this. He came up with lead guitar licks that matched the lyrics of the tune. For example, where you hear, "Eating snails ain't something I do" (A French food reference) George plays "Frere Jacques" in his lead part. Pretty cool, hunh?

6. A MISSING MAN- This is a social comment from me about the sad state of fatherhood in our society. We will answer one day for what kind of father's we were.

7. SOMEBODY ELSE'S DREAM- This was personally, a tough tune to write but I've known several people through the years in this situation. Ye, it's a confession.

8. A WISER FOOL- This is another re-write of an old song with this title. I changed the story up too.

9. TEMPTED IN TEMPE- This is a title that came up during a phone conversation with our son Jonathan when he had stopped in Tempe, Arizona on his way to report to his duty assignment in California with the Navy. Yeah, Tempted in Tempe, and I know some guys that travel around on business so I just put the two ideas together.

10. HE BLAMES IT ON THE BEATLES- This is another song based off of a conversation I had with an old friend that I had played music with. It's basically his story but we must CONFESS, the reason a lot of us got into music was because of the Beatles.

11. A LIFETIME AIN'T THAT LONG- Those are events that actually happened and the thoughts going through me at the time. I'm making a confession again!

So that's the tunes for A FEW CONFESSIONS, I hope you get a chance to check them out and as always,  THANKS FOR LISTENING!!!!!