Hey, ya'll! Just a little note from this past Saturday, the 25 of Feb.  Recieved some good news from Nashville(Nashville Songwriters Assn. International). The last tune I sent in for evaluation,"Tempted In Tempe" was chosen for consideration for the March pitch to publishers luncheon.  This will be my fith tune to get this far in the process. There are about 10-12 song evaluators in the NSAI song evaluation dept.  I have been working with three of them. These folks are writers, producers, publishers there in town that really support the craft of songwriting and have an interest in helping develop new writers. This is one of the main reason I'm with them.

Since that was my fith tune to get this far, I'm now scheduled to have a mentoring session with them and we'll see where this song writing thing can go.  We'll see what happens, I'll keep you posted.

Also, we are real sorry we could not get to hear Salley Williamson last Saturday with her trio, Underhill Rose. Heard GREAT reviews! It'll be fun to see how they progress!  I'll have to get an autograph soon!

Well, that's it for now I guess.  Oh, yeah, CDBaby keeps telling me I need to send them more copies of Songs Found By The Cotton Field, so, that means people are listening to them!! Wow, that's REAL COOL!! So, thanks again for listening!!!


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