Well, here we go!

Hey ya'll!!  I've been working on this computer for the whole weekend, finally getting the audio to work on a couple of tunes I put on here so ya'll could listen, man, I suck on computers! But with Becky's help, we're getting there. I hope to have this web site up shortly. 

The big news is, my debut cd came out this past Friday. It's called "Songs Found By The Cotton Field". Iv'e had to use a writer's name, Mac Millen. It's because some guy out in Texas is already using Mac Davis. Mac Millen is actually part of my real name, anyway, that's what Iv'e had to do. I'm STILL Mac! It's some songs that I've had laying around here, so I thought I'd put them on plastic. I'm just now getting the word out about it. Meanwhile, I've started on the next ones. I'm getting ready to mix my latest tune,"Tempted In Tempe", hopefully,this week, if I'm not messin' with this frickin computer!  Well, I'm heading out and I'll be talking with ya'll later!