"Songs Found By The Cotton Field" CD

Debut CD  from singer/songwriter Mac Millen

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It's real easy and in no time you'll be sittin" by the cotton field too!!

Mac's latest CD, "A FEW CONFESSIONS"

A FEW CONFESSIONS by SC singer/songwriter Mac Millen. This album features songs Mac has performed all around the low country. It's stories about hopes and dreams, wild Cajun weekends, lessons learned, obsessions and yes, some confessions.


TEN HYMNS is a collection of anthems and hymns that Mac has performed over the years throughout the area. He is joined on this CD by his son, Joey and singer Bill Humphries. TEN HYMNS is a simple reminder of God's never ending love for us, especially in these turbulent days we find ourselves in. Click on TEN HYMNS title here then TEN HYMNS in green at the bottom to go to Mac's CD Baby page.