Hey folks,

Just wanted to announce my new CD, TEN HYMNS is done and it will soon be available at CD Baby.com and popular music download sites.

It was a joy and a blessing to put together and as the title says, it features ten hymns and anthems I've done at churches all over the area.

I'm so pleased to have one of my sons, Joey, singing "In The Garden" and another singing buddy, Bill Humphries, singing "It Is Well". They did a great job! So, if you like to take a little spiritual break now and then from this crazy world, check it out. 



Hey guys and gals!

Just wanted to let you know that we go a new song we had demoed in Nashville back yesterday. It's called A BEAUTIFUL KIND OF CRAZY and I'll pass it on through new music in Reverbnation. The next step is to see if we can find a home for it.

Thanks again for all ya'lls support!!


Hey Ya'll!!

Just wanted to catch up, Becky and I just got back from Savannah, Ga yesterday. I had a gig last night in Denmark at the Jim Harrison Gallery for an art show that was linked with the annual Dogwood Festival. In Savannah, we caught the Earls of Leicester. This is an amazing blue grass group that does the music of Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. It's highlighted by Jerry Douglas, probably the best lap steel player in the world. Got a chance to talk with them after the show at the Lucas Theater. We were there with our reformed (but not named yet) blue grass group.   More on this later, it's Steve Bennett on vocals, banjo, guitar, Mike Myer, vocals, mandolin,guitar, Dwight (Dweezil) Causey, vocals, upright bass and me.

Last week, I started the ball rolling on getting a demo done in Nashville for a new song of mine, A BEAUTIFUL KIND OF CRAZY. Both of my evaluation services really liked it and it's commercial viability, so I'm now at the point of getting demos made, so we'll see what happens. The reason writers get demos made is for song presentation to publishers, artist, record companies, etc. for possible deals.

So we'll see.

NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Assn. International) listed me on their "one to watch" list of writers. I've done that a couple of times before, so that's always cool!!

Ok, got to go,



Our biggest news yet,

Our grand daughter Riley Jane Davis was born April 15, 2016 in California!!!!

She was 7 lbs. 10 0unces. She is the daughter of Jonathan and Anna Leigh Davis.


Hey everybody!! 

I 'm excited to announce the release of my 2nd CD, "A FEW CONFESSIONS".

It contains eleven brand new songs that I hope you'll enjoy. It was recorded right here at Sillyacres Music studio and I played and sang all the parts. I did have some very special help on two of the songs, BAR BQ FOOL and HE BLAMES IT ON THE BEATLES. My brother George came down from Virginia and added some very nice lead guitar parts to those songs. A BIG THANK YOU!!! to George!! My wife Becky did the photography. Disc Makers in New Jersey, produced the CD. The Design Dept. did the album concept art design. The Sound Lab at Disc Makers did the re-mastering. 

CD Baby (CD Baby.com) again is handling the distribution for this CD. That means it's available as a physical CD or a download from them. Also it is available at places like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more download music sites. Becky, as of this writing, has it at Brookers in Denmark,SC, Evelyn's Gift Shop in Barnwell, SC and The Cafe in Springfield, SC.

Special thanks to Jeff Diebel, Bob Smoak, and the gang at radio station WBSC 102.3FM for playing cuts from this CD. Their support for my music means a lot.

Here's a list and a little back round info. on the songs:

1. I AIN'T LYING THIS TIME- I got this title idea from a commercial I use to hear on a local radio station. I thought it was catchy, so I wrote a song around it.

2. PLAYIN' WITH A PHONE- That's what we ALL do these days. I just thought I'd comment on it.

3. NEXT TIME THE NEXT LOVE COMES AROUND- This is an old tune I've had for a long time, so I thought I'd give it another chance. It was originally called, THE NEXT TIME THE NEXT TIME COMES AROUND. Nashville thought that was somewhat vague, I agreed so this is what I came up with. It's about hoping for a second chance.

4. MY CARMALINA- This is another old tune of mine. I changed the groove and wrote a story to match the New Orleans feel.

5. BAR BQ FOOL- I have been wanting to write a tune using Bar BQ as a subject, so here it is! George is playing the guitar lead on this. He came up with lead guitar licks that matched the lyrics of the tune. For example, where you hear, "Eating snails ain't something I do" (A French food reference) George plays "Frere Jacques" in his lead part. Pretty cool, hunh?

6. A MISSING MAN- This is a social comment from me about the sad state of fatherhood in our society. We will answer one day for what kind of father's we were.

7. SOMEBODY ELSE'S DREAM- This was personally, a tough tune to write but I've known several people through the years in this situation. Ye, it's a confession.

8. A WISER FOOL- This is another re-write of an old song with this title. I changed the story up too.

9. TEMPTED IN TEMPE- This is a title that came up during a phone conversation with our son Jonathan when he had stopped in Tempe, Arizona on his way to report to his duty assignment in California with the Navy. Yeah, Tempted in Tempe, and I know some guys that travel around on business so I just put the two ideas together.

10. HE BLAMES IT ON THE BEATLES- This is another song based off of a conversation I had with an old friend that I had played music with. It's basically his story but we must CONFESS, the reason a lot of us got into music was because of the Beatles.

11. A LIFETIME AIN'T THAT LONG- Those are events that actually happened and the thoughts going through me at the time. I'm making a confession again!

So that's the tunes for A FEW CONFESSIONS, I hope you get a chance to check them out and as always,  THANKS FOR LISTENING!!!!!   

Hey Just wanted to say hope you have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I played last weekend in Blacksburg, Va with my brother George and sister in law Mellie at a concert at their church. It was indeed a blessing. 

Also. all the songs for the 2nd CD are done and we have begun the production process, so stay tuned!

As always, thanks for listening!!


Hey Ya'll,

Well, the summer of 2015 is starting to feel like it's winding down. I can always tell this when I have a gig coming up in two weeks with the Larry Watt Cove Band. We'll be playing a little gig on Labor Day weekend out at the Denmark country Club. I'll get to play my acoustic drums, which is a rarity because I'm usually playing a guitar. My good buddy and hell of a guitarist, Dave Horne, will be joining us, so we're really looking forward to it.

I had a chance several weeks ago to catch up with my fellow songwriting buddy and old band mate, David Cooler at one of his video shoots. We are planning on doing some songwriting together as soon as our schedules allow it. David has signed with a record label i the UK so he is now INTERNATIONAL, very cool and well deserved. He is a gifted and talented songwriter and musician.

I am, at this writing, 1 song away from finishing my next set of tunes for the next CD. I just finished a song called "A LIFETIME AIN'T THAT LONG". It got a favorable review from both NSAI and SongU in Nashville. I re worked it and sent it back to them and I'm waiting to hear any day from them to see if it is done. It feels done, I'll say that much. That's my procedure, get a song idea, write the song, record the song, send the song off for evaluations, re-write the tune based on suggestions (if I decide to use the suggestion)re-record the tracks that need a little fixing, re-submit for evaluation, if "done", song is "studio mixed" and ready to be added to the list of songs on the next cd. That's why it takes a while to produce a new CD.

Becky and I were out in Oregon for our son Jonathan's wedding back on June 13 and we had a GREAT time. It has been a pleasure getting to know Anna Leigh's family, we feel like we've known them forever. They honored me by letting me sing a song in the wedding. What a treat to be singing and playing for them and family and friends on a hill overlooking the Pacific!! It was fantastic.  Brother George and I had some jam sessions and did a little house concert one night, it was a blast!!

Well, I've got some gigs coming up soon, actually several between now and December. The college football starts next week, Go Tigers!! It's my favorite time of year.

I'll close with this thought, PLEASE pray for our country and the world for peace and for all people. We have turned our backs on God and we wonder WHY things are like they are. We need to be better and it starts with each one of us.  For my third CD project, I'm thinking of doing 10 hymns. If you by chance read this, let me know what your favorite hymn is. I'm at sillyacres@yahoo.com

That's it for now, hope you are well and as always, THANKS FOR LISTENING!!



Hope you all are doing well!! Summer is around the corner and I'm busy trying to find the last couple of songs on the new upcoming CD. I really appreciate some of you asking about it. That means a lot!

Also, WBSC,(102.3 FM) the new radio station in Bamberg, SC is featuring local artist EVERY 15 mins past the hour. That is fantastic support. Right now David Cooler and I are being featured. David is a former band mate and collaborator. He has a record deal with a label in England. We are planning on doing some more tunes as soon as our schedules permit. You can hear WBSC on line, just Google it.

That's some quick news for now, hopefully I'll see you on the road!


Becky and I just returned from an amazing trip over to England to visit my brother George, his wife Mellie and their daughter, Olivia. He is over there for a sabbatical from Va. Tech. We left Columbia on Nov. 12 and flew to London then on to Manchester to meet them. Our first stop was a B&B in Wales. We then worked our way to Liverpool and saw John Lennon's childhood home and Paul McCartney's as well. I was standing in the room where they wrote their first big hits. These songs got me interested in music. We also visited Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and the Cavern Club. WE went back to the Cavern Club for a show later that night.

Then we headed over to the Oxford area and heard their orchestra play Beethoven's 9th symphony two nights later. We also visited the town of Witney and I had a chance to do my song,  A LONG GOODBYE for the folks. Then George and I did a few more tunes. Thanks to Henry Wo for letting us use his guitar!!

Finally, Becky and I headed to London on Friday and walked and tubed all over the place. We had a chance to hear the choir at Westminster Abbey for their Evensong service. That's the best choral group I've ever heard, especially as their voices reverberated through out the cathedral.

Thanks again George Mellie and Olivia!! We had a BLAST 

Just wanted to tell every body, today Heaven gained a new singer guitar player. My good friend and Bill Humphries Band bandmate, Jake Green passed away. I only got to play with him a few years but, we had a GREAT time.

Jake, we will miss you. Tell Gus I said hello and we will see you again on that Happy Day.

Hey folks, it's been a crazy July,especially around the fourth.

Becky and I just got back from a GREAT two days down in Beaufort, SC! I had a chance to play a gig at The Foolish Frog with a former original Edisto River Band member, Wes Johnson.

He asked me back a couple months ago about joining him for a gig and I was thrilled to do it. Wes and I had not played together in almost 28 years and it was just like old times. We did some of his original tunes and some of mine and also some cover tunes. We had a nice group to play for on a Thursday night and I made some new musical connections down there,

Friday night, Wes finished his last Beaufort gig before heading back home to Mississippi. He had been playing in the Beaufort area for the past two weeks. He is from that area so he has lots of fans.

I'm playing a solo show in Columbia this coming Thursday July 17 then looks like I head back to the coast for a July 27 gig in Hilton Head.

Like i said, we saw old and new friends, played some tunes, sold some CDs and had a little seafood, so, yeah, I'm glad I learned a few guitar chords!!

See ya'll next time and, thanks for listening


I have been honored

Hey you guys!! 

Just thought I'd check in. It's been quite a while since I had a chance to let you know what's been happening around here. I've been real busy trying to get back on schedule with writing and recording new tunes for the next CD. I usually have to take a Christmas break because of all the events around that special time of the year. A lot of you have asked when it will be out and I'm hoping by the end of this year, maybe around the fall. 

As most of you know, I'm also playing in three other musical groups plus doing my solo stuff. I'm the bass player and occasional guitarist for Graham's Turnout. Check it out on Facebook. This is a gospel/bluegrass group. I play guitar and do vocals for the Bill Humphries Band. This is a 60's, 70's doo wop vocal acoustic group. Finally, I'm playing drums and vocals in the Cove Band. This is a beach/lite rock group. I'll be posting play dates that are coming up this spring for these groups and myself, so check it out in the calendar section. Hopefully, I'll get to see some of you at these events!

Thank you all for your support of my music and your friendship, it means more than you will ever know.



Is it me or did this summer fly by? The week of the 4th of July was busy! In June, a new song off of the upcoming CD (yet to be titled),"Bar BQ Fool", was considered for the publishers luncheon in Nashville at the NSAI office. I've had 5 songs get that far, but none chosen. That means the songs have to get better and I planning on that happening! On June 21, I was with the Bill Humprhies Band for a set we did at the Longwood Nursing home in Orangeburg. This was to raise money for the Alzheimer's Assn. Then on Sunday, June 30th, I played bass and guitar with Graham's Turnout at Sandy Run Baptist Church in Varnville,SC. If you get a chance, check out the Graham's Turnout Facebook page! Then July 2, I sang with the Bethel Park Men's chorus for the funeral service of Dr. Rick Williamson. We miss Rick terribly and his passing was a shock to us all. He was the most caring and compassionate man I have ever known. He will be sorely missed. The good indeed die way to young. Then I joined the Bill Humphries Band on July 3 at the Denmark Country Club at Johnny and Louise McCain's annual cook out. Bruce Jolly opened for us, thanks Bruce, great job! I did a solo concert Saturday night, the 6th for Sam  and Verna Neeley at Holman's Bridge in Blackville, SC.

Graham's Turnout did a concert on July 21st at Govan Baptist church. It was a blessing and GREAT spaghetti!  Saturday, August 17th several of us in the Graham's Turnout group will venture down to Randy Wood Guitars in Bloomingdale, Ga. to hear the Boxcars. It's a sold out show We're looking forward to it. Check out Randy Wood Guitars if you are into fine specially made acoustic instruments, especially mandolins and guitars. Randy's instruments are world famous. Artists from Elvis to Eric Clapton have played his creations. And he's just across the river in Georgia!  I've got a drum/vocal gig with the Cove Band Sunday, Sept. 1st at the Denmark Country Club, then two more Graham's Turnout gigs, Sept.29 at the Gillisonville Baptist church between Varnville and Hampton,SC and the Gopher Hill Festival in Ridgeland,SC on Oct.5,2013. 

Well, that's the news for now. Also, I'm almost half way through writing the next Mac Millen CD. I'm doing this around the day job and cutting Mrs. Becky's grass!!!

Talk to you next time, come hear us and, as always, THANKS for listening!!



Just thought I'd mention that I'm about halfway through the next CD if I have a ten song line up. Folks have been asking me, so hang on. The titles so far are: Tempted In Tempe, Somebody Else's Dream, Next Time The Next Love Comes Around, Bar BQ Fool and A Missing Man

I'll be back in touch and THANKS FOR LISTENING!! 

Well, I had another tune called "A Missing Man" recieve a very good evaluation From my evaluator, Richard Helm in Nashville. We'll see how this works out. I'm being listed again as "one to watch". I'll keep ya'll posted on how this goes.

And as always, thanks for listening!!!


I got some GREAT news yesterday from Nashville Songwriters  Association International (NSAI)!!

My latest tune, "Bar BQ Fool" will be considered for the next publisher's luncheon. This is especially sweet because my brother George came down  and put in the lead guitar track.  This will be the 6th tune I've had considered. This was the first one that made it on the FIRST evaluation and my reviewer gave me a nice compliment by saying, "I hope this song takes you on a GREAT ride! He is a former Warner Bros. executive and had his own production company. He retired from that to work with songwriters, so, I'm encouraged by his kind remarks! The next CD is in the works and the tunes so far are:Tempted In Tempe, Somebody Else's Dream, Next Time The Next Love Comes Around and BarBQ Fool.

Well that's it for now, and  as always, thanks for listening!


Hey Ya'll!

Just wanted to let you know I'm in the Texaco Country Showdown again. If you get a chance, go to my facebook page and click on the left side icon for the Texaco Country Showdown and it will take you to the contestant page, scroll down to me and you can vote for my tune, What The Blind Man Saw or go to their website(Texaco Country Showdown song contest)and follow their instructions. You can even vote once a day!! And...........

Thanks for listening and your support, it means a lot to me!


Hey Ya'll, well I thought I'd check in with you and let you know what's been going on. After tearing out what hair I have left, I am finally on You Tube! Becky did a video back in November at a house concert I did for the Neeley family at their cabin at Holman's Bridge. Thanks again ya'll for a great evening! Also, I'm four songs into a new CD. Brother George will be here in a few weeks to put the lead guitar track on a song called "A BarBQ Fool". That should be fun. I'm in the beginning stages of a song called "A Missing Man". It's a commentary on, sadly, what seems to be the state of families these days. Finally, I sent "Which Way Is Up" and "A Long Goodbye" to Nashville last week for a competition sponsored by Unsigned Artists. It's a writer/artist developmental group, so we'll see what they have to say.

Well, that's it for now, hope you are well and,

Thanks for listening!!!



Hey Ya'll,

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and thank the Lord for ALL of His wonderful blessings!! We have a LOT to be thankful for when we take a moment to stop and think about it, so do that each day!!

Just did some gigs over the past two weeks and especially some "house concerts" at Jay and Marissa Bolen's in Williston and the Neeley family at Holman's bridge(better known as "the river") this past Wednesday evening. We had a GREAT time at both events with old friends,new friends, food and I got a chance to play some music! Can't beat that! Please consider me if you are looking for entertainment for you upcoming get together!

I also played bass/guitar with some good friends on Saturday at Lake Warren State Park, just south of Hampton,SC for the Farm-City Day celebration. I played with Graham's Turnout. That's a bluegrass band I have been involved with for several years. Steve Bennette joined us on banjo/vocals, he's a GREAT addition.

Let us know when you want some good old time gospel/blue grass pickin!

Talk to you later!


Hey Ya'll, ( geez, that sounds Like Paula Deen,never mind)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that my brother-in-law David Hitchcock up in Fayetteville, New York told me I shoud put some of my music in the Texaco Country Showdown. This is a national talent search for songwriters and performers, so I put "Which Way Is Up" in today.

You can log on to their site and go to "songwriting contest" and VOTE on my tune!! I figured it's just another way to "get the songs out there". You can read all about it on their site. 

So, if you get a chance, check this out and THANKS for listening!!!


Becky and I took some time off early from the day jobs( is that legal?!!!) and went down to visit our good friends, Duncan and Diane Williams, yesterday(Jul.27,2012) at Edisto Beach. It's Dunc's birthday today and they invite folks down while they are there. So, we decided since we're such adventurous travelers, we'd go for a quick visit. Had a GREAT time as always. I've been working on new songs and I have a re-write going on one called "Somebody Else's Dream" that Nashville likes but wants me to "tweak" a little, so the trip was a good break from that. But, back on it today with a fresh perspective.

Thanks again to Dunc and Diane for the invite!


Hey thanks to Cindy Hurst and the Bamberg County Salkehatchie Stew Committee for having us (The Bill Humphries Band) tonight in Denmark,SC!! We had a GREAT time with good tunes,good stories,good food and good friends. You can't beat that for a way to spend a Saturday evening. It was also GREAT to get to play with our good buddy, Jake Green. He's a founding member of the Bill Humprhies Band and we don't get to play nearly enough.


Hope all of you had a fun and SAFE fourth of July.  I did a July 3rd  gig at Holman's Bridge in Denmark, SC.  It was a GREAT time and what made it especially nice was to have my younger brother, George join me for the whole show. George is a fine guitarist with a sweet sounding Taylor. He added a LOT!!!!  George, his wife Mellie and their daughter, Olivia spent the 3rd-5th here and it was fun having them. Laughs, friends, bar-bq and some tunes, you can't beat that!!

Thanks to the Neeley clan at Holman's Bridge for having us out and being the BEST hosts ever!!! To everybody that was there thanks for listening and thanks especially to those of you who bought a copy of "Songs Found By The Cotton Field".  We appreciate the support!!!


Well, we had a sad occasion tonight at the Denmark Country Club. We had a dinner for our outgoing Pastor Judy Hames.  The pavillion was packed and several folks came from other churches as well as two other ministers. We will miss Judy dearly. She is a dedicated servant for the Lord and very gifted musically. Bill Humprhies and I did two tunes for her, a parody on chickens to the tune of Ghost Riders In The Sky(she'll be serving in Saluda,SC, poultry capital of SC) and Happy Trails.

We'll miss you Judy, thanks again for your friendship and service!!   

Hey ya'll!!!, thought I'd check in. I've been getting down to work on new tunes and the second one of the next group of ten is coming along. "Tempted In Tempe" was the latest tune I finished and it was considered in Nashville for NSAI's(Nashville Songwriters Assn. International) pitch-to-publisher luncheon. I've got the rhythm parts down as of tonight for the next one, "Someone Else's Dream". We'll see how it develops.

Becky and I are heading up the road to Washington,DC for her nephew Tad's graduation from Georgetown University, so I'll talk to you later.

As always, thanks for listening!!!


It's Sunday afternoon, March 25 and I thought I'd mention that this time last week we(me and Becky) were in San Diego, Ca visiting our son, Jonathan. He's a Lt. in the Navy and the trip was a Christmas gift. It was GREAT to see him and the sights. He's a really good host. He had our trip all planned out. We covered the sights in San Diego, went on board his ship, the USS Boxer(amphibious carrier) and saw the Harbor seals. He works in medical administration on the ship. Went up to San Juan Capestrano to see the swifts(birds) that arrive there the same day every year, but I guess we beat them, 'cause they wern't there yet! Anyway, GREAT trip, thank you Jonathan!!     

Hey, ya'll! Just a little note from this past Saturday, the 25 of Feb.  Recieved some good news from Nashville(Nashville Songwriters Assn. International). The last tune I sent in for evaluation,"Tempted In Tempe" was chosen for consideration for the March pitch to publishers luncheon.  This will be my fith tune to get this far in the process. There are about 10-12 song evaluators in the NSAI song evaluation dept.  I have been working with three of them. These folks are writers, producers, publishers there in town that really support the craft of songwriting and have an interest in helping develop new writers. This is one of the main reason I'm with them.

Since that was my fith tune to get this far, I'm now scheduled to have a mentoring session with them and we'll see where this song writing thing can go.  We'll see what happens, I'll keep you posted.

Also, we are real sorry we could not get to hear Salley Williamson last Saturday with her trio, Underhill Rose. Heard GREAT reviews! It'll be fun to see how they progress!  I'll have to get an autograph soon!

Well, that's it for now I guess.  Oh, yeah, CDBaby keeps telling me I need to send them more copies of Songs Found By The Cotton Field, so, that means people are listening to them!! Wow, that's REAL COOL!! So, thanks again for listening!!!


After sveral days of futility, we finally have macmillenmusic.com verified by Google. Now folks should be able to find this website!!!

Also, thanks to Johnny Roland for his nice review on the cdbaby album page. Johnny Roland is one of the best trumpet players around here and we've done a bunch of gigs. Thanks again Johnny, for the kind words!


Today was a big day! The cd is on it's way to the distribution center in Portland, Oregon.

CDBaby will be handling my distribution. Also, I added some photos Becky took a while back. My extreme apologies to Walter Bryant and Jake Green, I could not get the pics cropped enough to fit dag gummit! Of Course, Humphries is right in the middle of them!!!! 

Hey ya'll!!  I've been working on this computer for the whole weekend, finally getting the audio to work on a couple of tunes I put on here so ya'll could listen, man, I suck on computers! But with Becky's help, we're getting there. I hope to have this web site up shortly. 

The big news is, my debut cd came out this past Friday. It's called "Songs Found By The Cotton Field". Iv'e had to use a writer's name, Mac Millen. It's because some guy out in Texas is already using Mac Davis. Mac Millen is actually part of my real name, anyway, that's what Iv'e had to do. I'm STILL Mac! It's some songs that I've had laying around here, so I thought I'd put them on plastic. I'm just now getting the word out about it. Meanwhile, I've started on the next ones. I'm getting ready to mix my latest tune,"Tempted In Tempe", hopefully,this week, if I'm not messin' with this frickin computer!  Well, I'm heading out and I'll be talking with ya'll later!


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