Really nice evaluation from NSAI

I got some GREAT news yesterday from Nashville Songwriters  Association International (NSAI)!!

My latest tune, "Bar BQ Fool" will be considered for the next publisher's luncheon. This is especially sweet because my brother George came down  and put in the lead guitar track.  This will be the 6th tune I've had considered. This was the first one that made it on the FIRST evaluation and my reviewer gave me a nice compliment by saying, "I hope this song takes you on a GREAT ride! He is a former Warner Bros. executive and had his own production company. He retired from that to work with songwriters, so, I'm encouraged by his kind remarks! The next CD is in the works and the tunes so far are:Tempted In Tempe, Somebody Else's Dream, Next Time The Next Love Comes Around and BarBQ Fool.

Well that's it for now, and  as always, thanks for listening!


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