Mac Millen
Feb. 2016
Mac Millen


This is a song I've had laying around for a long time. So I re-worked it and gave it a New Orleans feel and found a little story for it.  



The way love found me in Louisiana is a beautiful mystery

When we first met in New Orleans, I fell hard in the Big Easy

She talked like she knew me, it felt like deja vu

I never believed in magic, but after that night, I do

(chorus) MY CARMALINA, sweet Carmalina

            She's my five foot six jalepeno

            And her mojo won't let me go

            I'll always need her. MY CARMALINA

She was born in a town in Mexico, came to the bayou when she was nine

That Cajun queen with her ruby lips and a real low cut neckline

We spent that night on Bourbon Street or was it a day or two?

I lose myself when I'm with her cause her lovin is strong Voodoo


I'm the luckiest guy I know and all my buddies agree

Some are even envious cause Carmalina married me