Mac Millen
Feb. 2016
Mac Millen


I always wanted to write a song about BarBq. This is what I came up with. It is, after all, a religion where I come from!   


                  BAR BQ FOOL

Me and my wife went to a dinner one night

We were guests at a country club

I got a little lit, then I complained

I didn't care how good their French food was

I made a scene so we had to leave

Cause eatin' snails ain't something I do

While my wife was draggin' me out the door

I hollered, "Next time, have some Bar BQ!" 

(chorus) Yeah I'm a bonafide BAR BQ FOOL

             Pig on a fire makes me lose my cool

             I get excited over hash and rice

             Oooh, fried okra, sho' is nice

             Macaroni and sweet ice tea

             Banana puddin' is fine with me

             I'm a son of the south that's true

             'Cause I'm a bonafide BAR BQ FOOL

             Then yesterday, I tried to look away

             There was a barbq joint in sight

             Neon signs shaped like a pig 

             Gave me that cravin' that's hard to fight

             The hickory smoke pulled me off the road

             Even though my wife had dinner at home

             I tried to hide the hushpuppies on my breath

             Why can't I leave barbq alone?


             They say good mental health is admitting to yourself

             When you've got something wrong

              So for therapy, I don't lie to me

              That's why I wrote this song


              I love me some bar bq food

              Cause I'm a bonafide BAR BQ FOOL