Mac Millen


A BEAUTIFUL KIND OF CRAZY is my latest song. This demo was done at the Gator Hole Studio in Nashville. Jason Eustice is doing the lead vocals.   



Sometimes at the stoplight, my wife will tell me take a right

Like I don't know how to drive home

When I'm cookin' in the kitchen, there's a cloud of suspicion

She wonders how I lived on my own

Yesterday she said I had a screw lose in my head

I must have monkey brain DNA

I had to laugh, cause if I'm kooky

Lovin her made me that way

(chorus) Our love is A BEAUTIFUL KIND OF CRAZY

             We've got something goin all the time

             Our love is A BEAUTIFUL KIND OF CRAZY

             And I like it that way, just fine

I had an old blue shirt, I wore for dirty work

I was missing it the other day

She never said a word, I guess she had an urge

She threw that good old shirt away

She's turned my fishin trips into honey-do lists

Swinging Golf clubs into sweeping the floor

And if I'm good, she'll take me out on a date

To WalMart or the Dollar Store


They say there's two sides to every story

Sometimes I drive her nuts

But insanity comes with the territory

When you love someone this much



And I like it that way, just fine 


Mac Millen
Feb. 2016
Mac Millen


This is a song I've had laying around for a long time. So I re-worked it and gave it a New Orleans feel and found a little story for it.  



The way love found me in Louisiana is a beautiful mystery

When we first met in New Orleans, I fell hard in the Big Easy

She talked like she knew me, it felt like deja vu

I never believed in magic, but after that night, I do

(chorus) MY CARMALINA, sweet Carmalina

            She's my five foot six jalepeno

            And her mojo won't let me go

            I'll always need her. MY CARMALINA

She was born in a town in Mexico, came to the bayou when she was nine

That Cajun queen with her ruby lips and a real low cut neckline

We spent that night on Bourbon Street or was it a day or two?

I lose myself when I'm with her cause her lovin is strong Voodoo


I'm the luckiest guy I know and all my buddies agree

Some are even envious cause Carmalina married me


Mac Millen
Feb. 2016
Mac Millen


Time flies faster with every birthday. Before you know it, you're at a pivotal moment in your life, such as the events this song talks about. Every day is precious, make them count!



Our son was out on the Chessapeake

He was standing on the deck in white

I was so choked up, I could barely speak

His Navy ship sailing out of sight

He's the kid that love cartoons, football and his toy cars

He grew up way too soon

Time flew like a shooting star

And I'll think about it now and then

And wonder where the time has gone

Cause when it's all said and done


Later on that same year

We all gathered when Daddy died

And I'm still looking for those tears

The ones I never cried

He was a hard man his whole life

A farmer from the Bible Belt

I didn't take time to say goodbye

And I'm tryin' to forgive myself

Cause I never told him that I loved him

Now that chance is gone

Cause when it's all said and done


If you've got something you need to do

If you've got something you need to say

Now's the time to get it done

Before the time gets away

Now I'm noticing the little things

A gentle breeze and the setting sun

The tender kiss my wife brings

That says I'm still the one

All our years have been a blur

And we're still hangin' tough

A lifetime spent loving her 

Won't be long enough

So we're busy makin' memories

Before our time is gone

Cause when it' all said and done



Mac Millen
Feb. 2016
Mac Millen


I always wanted to write a song about BarBq. This is what I came up with. It is, after all, a religion where I come from!   


                  BAR BQ FOOL

Me and my wife went to a dinner one night

We were guests at a country club

I got a little lit, then I complained

I didn't care how good their French food was

I made a scene so we had to leave

Cause eatin' snails ain't something I do

While my wife was draggin' me out the door

I hollered, "Next time, have some Bar BQ!" 

(chorus) Yeah I'm a bonafide BAR BQ FOOL

             Pig on a fire makes me lose my cool

             I get excited over hash and rice

             Oooh, fried okra, sho' is nice

             Macaroni and sweet ice tea

             Banana puddin' is fine with me

             I'm a son of the south that's true

             'Cause I'm a bonafide BAR BQ FOOL

             Then yesterday, I tried to look away

             There was a barbq joint in sight

             Neon signs shaped like a pig 

             Gave me that cravin' that's hard to fight

             The hickory smoke pulled me off the road

             Even though my wife had dinner at home

             I tried to hide the hushpuppies on my breath

             Why can't I leave barbq alone?


             They say good mental health is admitting to yourself

             When you've got something wrong

              So for therapy, I don't lie to me

              That's why I wrote this song


              I love me some bar bq food

              Cause I'm a bonafide BAR BQ FOOL